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Traineeship webdevelopment in the Netherlands

Are you a foreign student

And would you like this?

Working with truly skilled developers

We work with the newest open-source languages and frameworks such as React and Node.js

Working at a nice office

We’ve got a nice and modern office in Nijmegen city centre.

Getting more experienced with SCRUM

We work according to the SCRUM methodology.

Epic company trips

We often do something together such as have a drink or go for a boat trip.

Come and gain more experience abroad!

Are you experienced in webdevelopment and interested in the newest technical stuff like progressive web apps? Then you’ve come to the right place.

What you’ll be working on

We’re looking for a trainee who’ll be an integral part of one of our SCRUM teams. Together with a senior developer you’ll be working on our client projects, ranging from websites to web applications.

Who are you?

  • You like doing webdevelopment outside of school projects;
  • You’re pro-active in doing research into new technologies;
  • You’re a teamplayer;
  • You’ve got experience in object-oriented and event-driven development;
  • You’re English communication skills are very good, both written and spoken.

Who are we?

  • We’re UI/UX designers, developers, system engineers and marketers;
  • We always go for the best solution, no matter what;
  • We like cooperating, together but also with the customer;
  • We have lunch together (which is paid for by us) and play some Counterstrike GO after each lunch;
  • We like to have a beer together now and then.

What you’ll get

  • A fast Macbook and noise-cancelling headphones;
  • Your own desk at our office;
  • Skilled and experienced developers to cooperate with;
  • A good financial compensation;
  • Lunch is being paid for;
  • Epic company trips (all paid for), the last two were a skitrip in the Austrian Alps and a speedboat trip to Amsterdam!);
  • A modern office with PS4, pinball, tablesoccer and minigolf.


“At Webbio we’re at the tip of the spear regarding technical innovation. On a daily basis we use the newest frameworks to realize the best solutions for our clients. This, together with our team from all over the world makes me love my job!”

Joeri Smits
Lead developer
Since Monday
@Webbio Headquarters

73 GIT Commits

33 today. With every commit the WWW gets a little better.

Favorite Slack emoji

It'll take around 2 weeks before a new colleague has his own custom emoji :arjanevil:

8 games of Counter-Strike GO

After lunch and during Friday afternoon drinks. Very good for the teamspirit.

309 days since the previous skitrip!

For the second time the Webbiots went to the Austrian Alps.
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Apply via AIESEC or ask a question!

We work with AIESEC for our foreign trainees. Apply directly through AIESEC Nijmegen or open the chat to ask a question.